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This blog is simply the product of two friends who enjoy eating and cooking: whether we are able to exhibit any skill in the latter of these remains to be seen. You can see on the left Rory during one of his many adventures, this particular photo was taken in Havana at a bar—which was as much a home—to his most inspiring writer; Ernest Hemingway. The picture on the right shows Kev (in a white knitted wool jumper) with his sister and friends, undoubtedly waiting for one of his mum’s famous home-made lasagne, that’s where it all began.

The motivation behind the blog is to merge two cultures from our respective cities—Barcelona and Glasgow—to display and parallel the divergent produce on offer. As much as these regions vary in terms of produce, we will look to revolve dishes around one key seasonal ingredient. Each post will, hopefully, complement the other and provide a nice balance that reflects our contrasting cultures—so expect lots of twilight, Rioja-fuelled dinner party’s from our Catalan resident.

A little about us: At 29, Rory has spent an ungodly number of hours in a restaurant. His favourite past-times are: waiting at the pass for late food; arriving at work wracked with the fear and horribly hungover; trying valiantly to get some decent staff dinners from irritable chefs.

At the moment, he is currently manager of Fanny Trollope’s, a small bistro in Finniestion (did you know the area is very up and coming?), which sells some cracking Scottish food.

In his spare time, he is also attempting, rather unsuccessfully, to finish his PhD in American Literature at the University of Glasgow, enjoys a spot of marathon running. He also writes restaurant reviews for The List Eating and Drinking Guide and the Glasgow Food and Drink Guide, and does freelance publishing work for The Freetime Initiative.

Aside from exploiting cheap Ryanair flights to Barcelona to stay at his friend’s apartment for free, Rory has travelled and lived in South America, Australia, South Africa and spent time extended periods of time in Central and North America.

At 31, Kev is the elder statesman of the two, and, as such, still believes Sole Véronique and prawn cocktail are cutting edge. Having been brought up working in the family Bakery from the age of 10 his passion for food was born and ever since it has been a journey of hard-work combined with great pleasure. He is currently self-teaching to become a full-time programmer in Barcelona and works as an English teacher. Still basking in the novelty of his new home, his interests include: questionable attempts to overcome a fear of heights while rock-climbing—so far to no real success; travelling around the world – it’s the best excuse for a gastronomic adventure.

Taking full advantage of the Catalan culture of dining (and the fact his flat overlooked La Sagrada Família) Kev has become accustomed to hosting dinner parties, frequenting food festivals in and travelling to small towns outside the city to learn more about the regional variations in Spanish cooking.

While this has considerably expanded his food knowledge, his progress has been recently stalled by the fact he doesn’t know the Catalan word for ‘potato masher’ and is unsure as to how well he can act this out in a supermarket to fully articulate his needs.

Kevin and Rory realised a long-standing dream when they launched a restaurant in the West End of Glasgow a few years ago. Very much considering themselves to be the Flanagan (Kev has frequently been likened to Tom Cruise) and Coughlin of the catering world, the restaurant, somewhat remarkably, turned out to be very successful (despite various instances of behind the bar feuds, run-ins and a litany of customer complaints). After going their separate ways, the pair hope to do something similar once they live in the same city.


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